Meet the Editors


Cheryl Wollner is a senior who drinks far too much tea.  Fun fact: She can tell you anything about Turkish history during the 1970s. Just ask.

Junior Editor:

Claudia Mitchell is a double major in English and Economics at Agnes Scott.  She loves literature and live TV, and is desperately trying to learn French before traveling abroad.

Lay-Out Editor:

Rory is a senior creative writing major at Agnes Scott. She is an Atlanta native and plans to stay in Atlanta to pursue further schooling.

Prose Editor:

Kelly Piggott is a Yankee from the cold north of Chicagoland (and never lets you forget it), she is a senior majoring in English: Creative Writing with a minor in Classics. She enjoys fairytales, folktales, deconstructing and analyzing literary themes and conventions, and copious amounts of coffee. When she’s not writing or working part-time, she wastes her time watching dog videos.

Poetry Editor:

Maya McKenzie  is a sophomore English Literature and Psychology double major. Maya’s talents include the ability to sing along to almost any 80s pop song and the unfortunate ability to stay up ridiculously late without doing anything useful.

Art Editor:

Faridah Nalunkuuma is a freshman and is enthusiastic about working with people. She intends to minor in Studio Art and is passionate about community development. Fun fact is that she can dance to several kinds of music.

Master of the Coin

Lizzie Booher is class of 2016 English Literature and Psychology double major. She loves poetry, fruit, and trashy reality tv.

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