Senior Creative Writing Majors Reading

This week, the senior Creative Writing Majors will be reading selections from their works; all are invited to come and have a listen, especially students interested in declaring themselves as Creative Writing majors. The readings will be held in Buttrick G-4. The dates and times are as follows:

Tuesday, November 13
5:00 Ana Archilla
5:20 Megan Cieri
5:40 Isobel Robinson-Ortiz
6:00 Georgia Bell
6:20 Leah Kotlarchyk

Wednesday, November 14
5:00 Anna Cabe
5:20 Celeste Banks
5:40 Johnnie Sanchez
6:00 Rolynne Anderson
6:20 Caitlin White

Thursday, November 15
5:00 Teresa Chiofalo
5:20 Sanidia Oliver
5:40 Patience Shepard
6:00 Raven Davis
6:20 Paige Sullivan

See you there!

Clare McBride


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